This is our Golden Acorn story…

Welcome to Golden Acorn Wines

With our family history in the Barossa region dating back to the 1850s and estate grown vineyards now totalling over 270 hectares, Golden Acorn produces a range of award winning Barossa Valley red and Eden Valley white wines.

Our website includes information on the history of Golden Acorn, our wines and vineyards
There was once an Acorn tree, not the tallest tree, nor the oldest tree, but a tree that had put its roots in just the right part of the paddock. Here the soil was deep and layered - sometimes hard and rocky, elsewhere soft and sandy - and the wind had just enough room to move, and even the rain - when it was kind enough to visit - would fall evenly and gently.

Because of its favoured position, the grasses grew tall against its trunk, and the wild flowers were easily encouraged to grow closely around it, and the insects and birds that looked to trees for shelter and for vantage, eagerly moved in.

One day a vineyard owner approached the tree and wondered: “You do not grow the strongest, nor the fastest, so why is it that you grow such healthy acorn?”

The tree let the answer whisper through the wind in its branches: “If I am shown a patient mind and a gentle hand, if I am left to follow the rhythms of my seasons – to rest in Winter; to revive in Spring; to make busy in Summer; and to provide in Fall – then I can offer an abundant and healthy crop of Acorn..”

The vineyard thought to himself: “Australia is a truly rich and diverse environment, as the Acorn tree thrives here so too will my vineyards.”

Wine Philosophy

“Fine wines are born in the vineyards and the vineyards are the foundations of wine quality.”
At Golden Acorn we believe if the right varieties are grown in the right soils, and vines are managed to produce low to moderate yields, the vines will produce the premium quality fruit needed to produce exceptional wines. With the combination of the best terroirs, the best climate and the best winemaking techniques, the natural result is the best wine.

“ I believe in preserving and maintaining winemaking tradition to make sure our young winemakers understand how to make top wines into the future.” Mingming Gu

The Barossa

The Barossa is famous around the world for its premium table wines. At Golden Acorn we believe the diversity of terroir and levels together with the Mediterranean climate provides the perfect environment to make a range of ultra premium wines. Located just 80 kilometres north of South Australia’s capital city Adelaide, the Barossa also provides a perfect weekend escape to enjoy fine wines and food.

The region consists of two distinct valleys. The Barossa Valley floor is 200–250 metres above sea level, with rich, red-brown, deep, alluvial soils ideal for red wine grape growing. This contrasts the high altitude Eden Valley at 500 metres above sea level with rocky, acidic and grey schist soils, ideal for cold climate viticulture. Together these geographical indications make up the Barossa.

The Barossa is widely recognised as Australia’s most varied district for premium grape growing. It features cold, wet winters and generous spring rains to set-up moisture reserves. During summer and autumn the weather dries off, providing warm and moderate conditions ideal for ripening grapes. This produces the full, generous varietal flavours the district is renowned for.